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Artesian AllianceLead Educator

Chattahoochee Nature CenterSenior Director of Resource Development

The Columbus MuseumDirector of Development

Georgia ArchivesAdministrative Research Assistant

Georgia Museums, Inc.Accounts Payable Specialist

High Museum of ArtManager of Member Experience

Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive HistoryTour and Volunteer Coordinator

To have a job opening listed here, please send an email to with the relevant information. There is no charge.

Salary Transparency

In November 2019, the GAM board voted to affirm statements made by the National Emerging Museum Professionals Network to promote salary transparency and create a more equitable museum workforce, including the following requirements for job postings:

Require accurate salary range: The job hunt is time-consuming and expensive for both the employer and prospective employee. Posting an accurate salary range will help both sides avoid wasting time on jobs/candidates they cannot afford.

Paid positions only: Unpaid internships are only available to those who can afford to work for free, and disqualify many people without the means from getting experience in our field.

Strongly encourage employers to include the name and title of the person to whom candidates should address applications: This avoids any confusion for candidates submitting applications, resumes, and cover letters.

Strongly encourage employers to include interview format (group, panel, one-on-one, etc.): This allows candidates to better prepare for an interview and reduce the stress of the unknown.

Strongly encourage employers to include a breakdown of the hiring process from application to training: This offers candidates a clear picture of what to expect and gives them a better understanding of your timeline.

Updated on 5-18-2022